Frequently Asked Questions

What genres of music to you work with?
    Over the years I have worked with pretty much every genre of music and welcome it all. I have a lot of experience with rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, folk, country, r&b, dance and really everything in between.
What kind of equipment do you use?
What is audio mastering?
    At the audio mastering level we are no longer working with all the individual instrument tracks of a song but rather with the final stereo mix. Mastering involves balancing the overall frequencies and dynamics of an entire song to help it sound its best for the intended media. Mastering is also the time, when working with an album or collection of songs, that we try and make the songs sound their best together and prepare a CD master for replication.
Is audio mastering a service you provide?
    Absolutely, we master all of our finished mixes and the cost is often included in the mixing price. We are also happy to master audio that we haven’t recorded and do so quite often.
What are your hours of operation?
    We are pretty flexible but generally try and keep within 9:00am-10:00pm 7days a week.
Do you do voice recording for video?
    Yes, we do very high quality voice recording for video. We have done promotional and informational videos for the oil and gas, dental and medical industries and also for Microsoft.
How much does it cost to record?
    The standard studio rate is $60 per hour for recording. Every project is different and it can be hard to predict exact costs but we always sit down with our artists to come up with a timeline and budget to accomplish their recording goals. Give us a call at 403-703-1830 to discuss your project and costs.